The ultimate motto of CockroachDB is for making the data easy. Instead of wasting your energy in banging with database shortcomings,and invest that time, money and engineering into transforming a company stronger and better.

Horizontal Scaling

At its lowest level let us see cockroachDB running on a single machine, even though the data is organized logically into rows, tables, columns, etc. At the least level, individual pieces of data are stored on-disk in an arranged key-value map.

The empty range of key-value data starts off and encompasses the entire key space. With more data in this range, it will lead to a threshold size. The data splits into two ranges and single data can be tested as individual units and each covering segment that is contiguous of the key space.


There are three nodes replicated with each range and there can be various configured nodes but the most useful consideration is three and five. In disparate datacenters replicas can be intended to be located for its sustainability.

In multiple machines you can find the stored data and it is very important that the consistency of the data across replicas. Raft is used by cockroachDB and it has a consensus protocol. An independent instance is given for each range of the raft protocol and we many ranges for independent running Raft.

Distributed Transactions

Strong consistency and full support of shared ACID transactions is the basis of CockroachDB and it offers shared transaction using MVCC Multi Version Concurrency Control. Stored data in MVCC is managed on each local storage device with a hint of RocksDB.

Deployment and Management

CockroachDB has been built to have a simple deployment that has proper fit with the container model. You can find the nodes very organized and with symmetry and it has no single point of failure and has no configuration with complications. There is no mention of different roles to be managed. The only thing required is a single binary running on each node in order for joining the cluster and the local stores export for getting new writes and rebalances.

Corporate dev cluster, laptops or private cloud can be used for running the CockroachDB. It is also found on many common infrastructure. You can set up a cluster of Amazon Web Services using cockroach-prod and it can be used in Google Cloud Engine.

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