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What Is The Work Of a DBA?

What Is The Work Of a DBA?

A DBA (also known as a data source management administrator, information architect, or information center manager) is an advanced level operate accountable for the overall management of web resources in an company. In order to perform its duties, the DA must know a good deal of system research and programming.

These are the features of a information administrator (not to be confused with data source administrator functions):

1. Data policies, procedures, standards

2. Planning- development of company’s IT strategy, business style, cost/benefit style, style of data source environment, and management plan.

3. Data conflict (ownership) resolution

4. Data analysis- Define and style information specifications, business rules, functional specifications, and maintain corporate information dictionary

5. Internal marketing of DA concepts

6. Handling the information repository

What is a data source administrator?

Database management is more of an functional or technical level operate accountable for actual data source style, security enforcement, and data source efficiency. Tasks consist of keeping the information vocabulary, monitoring efficiency, and enforcing business specifications and security.

What is a data source steward?

A data source steward is an administrative operate accountable for managing information quality and assuring that business applications meet the business goals. It is a connection between IT and sections. Data quality issues consist of security and disaster recovery, personnel manages, actual accessibility manages, maintenance manages, information security and comfort. For example, in order to increase security the data source steward can have control over who can get accessibility the data source by assigning a specific rights to users.

Now that you have an idea of the different responsibilities involved in keeping a data source, we can list and describe the features of a data source administrator.

What are the features of a data base administrator?

1. Selection of components and software

Keep up with current technological trends

Predict future changes

Emphasis on established off the shelf products

2. Handling information security and privacy

Protection of information against random or intentional reduction, destruction, or misuse


Establishment of user privileges

Complicated by use of distributed systems such as internet access and client/ server technology.

How many major threats to data source security can you think of?

1. Accidental reduction due to human mistake or software/ components mistake.

2. Theft and fraud that could come from hackers or disgruntled employees.

3. Improper information accessibility personal or confidential information.

4. Data reduction integrity.

5. Data reduction availability through sabotage, a virus, or a worm.

Thus you can become a DBA as well by undergoing training.

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