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What Is The Role of IT Database Administrator?

What Is The Role of IT Database Administrator?

As a knowledge source manager, you’ll be responsible for the performance, reliability and protection of a knowledge source. However, based on the company and your height of liability, the function can vary from including details through to total control of data.

Different organizations will have different details source needs and diverse requirements. In medical centers for example, data source will record patient details, whilst private information mill more likely to store customer details, sales records and more. These details is used to structure and arrange the company, deliver target marketing and services and style company strategies.

Depending on your height of liability, typical tasks may include:

  1. Assisting in details source design

  2. Upgrading and improving existing databases

  3. Setting up and testing new details source and knowledge handling systems

  4. Monitoring details source efficiency

  5. Retaining the protection and reliability of data

  6. Creating complex query explanations that allow details to be extracted

  7. Training colleagues in how to input and extract data

Increasingly, the function of a knowledge source manager is defined by the particular processes and abilities of the details source control system in place.

However, the perform you do will do a lot other members of the company, including experts, programmers and IT managers who all require reports to put together details for planning, reference and communications purposes.

When it comes to what industry to operate in, there is a large range of choice. You will continue to function as a knowledge source manager for schools and universities, the National Health Service (NHS), central and local gov departments, banking institutions, retail organizations, manufacturing firms, and IT and computer organizations offering details source solutions. As many organisations rely heavily on details and knowledge collated through company activities, your part will be critical to its success in any field or industry.


Unlike many areas in the IT industry, there isn’t a particular path of career development within details source administration. It is based largely on the size and type of company you choose to operate for.

In many cases, you can become a knowledge source professional. This is becoming more and more common due to the popularity of entertaining, web-based data source. An advantage of being a professional is being able to move towards freelance, self-employed or company perform, which can offer more variety, freedom and diversity.

It is also possible to progress from a junior part as a system manager to become a manager, or branch into another area of IT Database administrator, like techniques development, system control or project control software.

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