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What Should a Junior DBA Know?

What Should a Junior DBA Know?

Understanding of SQL

It might seem apparent, but a junior DBA should have a really excellent understand of both SQL DML (Data Adjustment Language) and DDL (Data Meaning Language). DML includes products such as Choose, Upgrade, Place and Remove. You should comprehend all of the conditions such as WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING, and ORDER BY. In inclusion you should be relaxed with sub concerns and connects. DDL includes products such as CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE. A younger DBA should know how to develop and change platforms and indices and know the distinction between removing information, truncating a table, or losing it! And… don’t ignore views!
Operating System

As a DBA you need to be acquainted with the OS (Operating System) your DBMS lifestyles within. You should comprehend technicalities of your os, such as protection configurations, incorporation with Effective Listing, LDAP (Lightweight Listing Accessibility Protocol), and labeling conferences. Also, how is your DBMS started? What programs are used to begin, shut down, or secure customers out of your database?


To become effective it is very essential know when OS scripting, such as PowerScript, can help you handle your web servers. Consider having ten or more DB servers? If you had to close down all the DBMS on them, would you independently log in and personally closed them down or use a script? In my opinion, if you want to get an advantage on other younger DBA’s you understand scripting. This will only create you more effective at your job.

How to understand a question plan

As a younger DBA you should know how to obtain and look a primary question strategy. I wouldn’t anticipate you know completely comprehend all vocabulary, but several key words, such as “Full Desk Check out,” and “Nested Loops” should leap out as red banners. Also, you should comprehend, when the optimizer suggests a change become, why that change would perform, and what the trade-offs are to make it. For example, the optimizer may suggest a catalog be developed. It this to complete inadequate programming? Also, if you add it, could something else experience, such as a way to insert or update data?

Knowledge of normalization

Normalized platforms are the basis of a well-designed relational information source, yet they can also be its scourge. A junior DBA should comprehend and know how to put information into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd regular type. Why is normalization essential and when can it become a liability? Knowing the distinction between a Main, International, and Exclusive key is essential. Also is knowing and learning to implement one-to-one, one-to-many connections. Oracle Course would help you make your career in this field.

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