Best Useful Cloud Databases That You Need To Know

  • EnterpriseDB

PostgreSQL databases are the open source software and are targetted by EnterpriseDB but its actual to claim the fame of the capacity to work with Oracle database applications. There is a possibility by the organizations for using the applications written in on-premise Oracle databases via EnterpriseDB and it runs in cloud with Amazon Web Services and HP. There are scheduled backups and binary replication too.

  • Garantia Data

For running open source Redis and Memcached in-memory and Garantia offers a gateway service for its users. With the help of Garantia’s software, the automatic configuration of the open source data platforms assists the developer’s scale nodes for creating clusters and architect.

  • Google Cloud SQL

Two major products are the basis for Google’s cloud database service: Google Cloud SQL which is explained by Google as a MySQL-like fully relational database infrastructure, and Google BigQuery, an analysis tool to run the queries on big data sets stored in the cloud.

  • Microsoft Azure

SQL server technology is used by the Microsoft for offering a relational database for permitting the customers to access an SQL database on its cloud or SQL server instances for virtual machines. Hybrid databases are emphasized by the Microsoft for combining the data both on a customer’s premise and Azure cloud via SQL Data Sync.

  • MongoLab

There are various database platforms for choosing the NoSQL World like MongoDB. For accessing MongoDB its users are given permission on lots of major cloud providers along with AWS, Joyent, and Azure. MongoDB also combines with lots of platform as a Service (PaaS) tools at the application tier. Dedicated or shared environments are used for MongoLab to run and the shared one is quite costly.

  • Rackspace

In a cloud or a managed hosted database, Rackspace offers cloud databases for its product. The container-based virtualization is the emphasizes for Rackspace because of its cloud databases as it permits the higher performance of the database service when thought about the run on virtualized infrastructure. A SAN storage network is incorporated into the cloud databases and it depends on an OpenStack platform. Currently, a NoSQL database is declared by the Rackspace in the cloud from provider Cloudant.

  • SAP

The SAP is an enterprise software giant for playing the cloud with HANA which is a platform constructed on an in-memory technology. The company is complemented by the cloud database from HANA complements other on-premise database tools along with Sybase and is present in Amazon Web Services cloud. There are other non-database apps too for HANA along with the business management tools and application development.

  • StormDB

In the cloud, there is various database that runs in the fully distributed relational database for machine virtualization. For better performance, the StormDB officials claim the leads and are simply managed due as they don’t have to choose the size of the virtual machine and their database to run on. Although it is run on bare metal, the customers share the clusters of servers via StormDB and it promises the isolation among customer databases.

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