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Overview of Rackspace

A big and a triumph hosting provider called as Rackspace have their share of data center problems in the ancient days and have lots of happy customers now. Hyperscale providers have one of them called as Rackspace along with Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. It is a familiar fact that Rackspace is not the biggest and AWS is. There are lots of data centers which handles the army of engineers, operators, and sysadmins for the customers around the globe.

  • The Rackspace Edge

In the cloud computing world all the big players offer quick access, utility-style bills, and customer self-service. The cloud club membership is qualified by those and not the differentiators. Explain the benefits Rackspace has to provide and are different from other big players.

The benefits offered are quite clear among the Rackspace people and they have a strong marketing department for making sure of the message that appears across loud and clear.

  • Fanatical Support

The fanatical support angle is pushed by the Rackspace and you cannot move the mouse on website inside a chat window pop up prompting you can explain tot heir support staff. Humans constructed the computer systems which are most complicated machines. If the organizations are left in the dark then the systems just fall away and there is nothing which stirs the organization with fear.

Fanatical support is registered the Rackspace and there are little variants like trademarks and considering it the main pillar of the complete business.

  • OpenStack

The OpenStack cloud management platform project has been thrown away by Rackspace. HP, Rackspace, and NASA are some of the kingplayers apps inside the data centers. An open source project with OpenStack development is leading to a new business ecosystem forming around it. A new business ecosystem is the lead of the development of OpenStack project. In its ancient days, it was regarded as a baby project and it has good talent to develop. They save a lot of time for the coders.

  • Interoperability

There is no venturing of the relationship is ensured by interoperability and there will not be an easier way to escape. For chopping and changing between cloud providers, interoperability is the ability of it.

In terms of marketing, the FUD has been mostly used. IBM was advertising in the 1990s and the exclusive power of AIX OS is Sun marketed in Java and is also called as a write once and run anywhere.

Mostly interoperability is the best and the cloud computing is still a baby offering stable interfaces to build on and there are lots of change occurring. Lots of interoperability is possible due to OpenStack and it helps in the information required to get the job done in the public domain instead of company secrets.

  • Here Are Few Things It Will Allow:

-Data between cloud storage offerers are transferred automatically and seamlessly.

-Across cloud computing providers, spread the workload.

-From one platform, take your custom code and run it on another and there is no    need for an expensive migration project or support contract.

  • Infrastructure Test Drive

If my organization’s needs are met with few cloud provider then it is not possible to be upfront. A good knowledgeable decision cannot be made and it is one way to find out for sure. Just join Rackspace and run up a few test services and find out feels.

In the IT world, the test-driving infrastructure is not possible and it is not going to convince IBM for driving a truck with various computers and software and install prospective software and install prospective customer play.

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