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What are the duties of Database Administrators?

SQL*Plus is an entertaining and group question device included in every Oracle Data source set up. It has a command-line user interface that acts as the customer when connecting to the database.

SQL*Plus has its own instructions and environment. It permits you to enter and execute SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus and os instructions to execute projects such as:

Formatting, executing computations on, storing, and printing from question results

Examining table and object definitions

Developing and running group scripts

Administering a database

  1. Tools for Data base Installation and Configuration

  2. Oracle provides several resources to make simpler the task of installing and establishing Oracle

Training for database is very much required for you to make your profession in this field.

Data base program. The resources include:

Oracle Universal Installer (OUI)

OUI is a GUI program that permits you to see, set up, and deinstall Oracle Data base program. Online Help is available to help you through uncomplicated.

Database Update Associate (DBUA)

DBUA interactively books you through a database upgrade and configures the database for the new release. DBUA performs the upgrade by executing all projects normally performed personally. DBUA makes recommendations for configurations options such as tablespaces and the internet upgrade log.

Database Configuration Associate (DBCA)

DBCA provides a visual user interface and advised work-flow for creating and establishing a database. It permits you to produce a database from Oracle-supplied layouts or make your own database and layouts.

Tools for Oracle Net Configuration and Administration

Oracle Net Solutions provides business wide connection solutions in distributed, heterogeneous processing surroundings. Oracle Net, a component of Oracle Net Solutions, allows a system period from a customer program to an database. You can use the following resources to set up and provide Oracle Net Services:

Oracle Net Manager

This device permits you to set up Oracle Net Solutions for an Oracle home on a local customer or server host. You can use Oracle Net Manager to set up labeling, labeling techniques, information, and audience. You can start Oracle Net Manager using the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console or as an independent program.

Oracle Net Configuration Assistant

This resources runs instantly during program set up. The Associate permits you to set up primary system components during set up, including audience titles and protocol details, labeling techniques, net service titles in a tnsnames.ora file, and directory server usage.

Listener Management Utility

The Listener Management program permits you to set up audience to receive customer relationships (see “The Oracle Net Listener”). You can access the applying through Enterprise Manager or as a separate command-line program.

Oracle Relationship Manager Management Utility

This command-line program permits you to manage an Oracle Relationship Manager, which is a wireless router through which a customer connection request may be sent either to its next hop or directly to the database. You can use program instructions to execute primary management functions on one or more Oracle Relationship Managers. Additionally, you can see and change parameter configurations.

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