Top Hurdles For Patient Participation in Clinical Trials

Top Hurdles For Patient Participation in Clinical Trials

Today we dedicate our blog topic to the hurdles that is face during participation of patients as part of clinical research.

Huge amount of money and good amount of time is spent in enrolling patients and hence addressing the concern of the hurdles that is faced must be addressed to increase study chances and reduce failure rates.

So while designing your trial, keep these 4 barriers in mind as an attempt to prevent participant dropout and errors before they become a threat for the success of your trials:

1 Misconception:

To a patient, the clinical trial phases are full of unknowns. The patients should be detailed about the processes otherwise they might be concerned by fear of being a “guinea pig”, odds about placebo, loss of autonomy, or worries about unknown side effects.


You need to address these concerns very early during interactions with the participant. Communicate well how each aspect of the trial is important. You should also mention the advantages of participation, like gaining access to expert medical care, knowing more about their condition, and being active players in their own health care.

2 Mistrust:

Try to understand that history saw mistrust in the medical field, mainly when dealing with minor populations.


Be transparent with the patient about your actions and this would be helpful because it will identify and explain the study motives. Another way is that you break down if any communication barriers like language or technological literacy.

3 Logistics:

When developing and implementing a clinical trial, be practical with various aspects. In addition to achieve heights for your site staff, ensure to evaluate the trial design from the participant’s view point, like they must have a busy life and they must be considering your trial a priority in their lives. Common logistical hurdles include inability to take leave from work, transportation to and from the research site, how often they need to be present and how far they might need to travel. Whether they have kids or rely on caregivers, this factor can make things complicate in their participation.


During the design of your trial, be mindful about what is needed of the participant. Know the barriers and try to address them as much as possible.

4 Costs:

In order to overcome logistical barriers, many patients will spend their own money to participate in a clinical trial. If your participants face delays in the payment process, they might be forced to wait for reimbursement for up to weeks at a time. With this prolonged and slow payment model, participants might be on their next trial visit before being paid for their last visit. This delay might leave the subject feeling undervalued or that the trial is not systematic, which could lead to decline in compliance and participation.


As the participants need a variety of accommodations for logistical planning, they might also need a diverse payment options. Giving your subjects a choice on how they would like to be paid increases your site’s dedication to patient’s concern, which increases the chances of a positive experience in clinical trial. Tools like Nimblify’s Participant Payments provide a variety of payment options that could not only decrease your site’s administrative burden, but also offers other effective and diverse payment plans for participants.

Reducing these barriers to participation in a clinical trial can lead to more reliable study data, make your site more patient-centric and provide an overall better participant experience you achieve future success.

We conclude now with this discussion.

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