TOP 5 Clinical Research Organizations(CROs) In India


The clinical research industry is continuously undergoing a positive development in India. Gradually, the clinical researches are being viewed as drug discovery rather than drug development destination only. At present, many companies are looking for innovations. The famous players that are operating in the nation include MNC CROs which are dominating the country’s market . And, it is becoming important for each and every one of us to know about the popular CROs that are functioning in the nation.

This article would give an idea about some of the famous Clinical Research Organisations in the country.

The CROs that are operating in the country can be divided into two major categories:

  • Global Players with their presence in India
  • Domestic Players

Famous Global Players:

Following are a few of the famous global CROs who are having their presence in India:

Quintiles: Founded during the year 1982 when Dennis Gillings, a London based professor signed his first consulting contract. This company began its global expansion during the year 1987 and in the year 1993, the company made its entry into Asia.

Currently, this company covers the Asian continent by opening its services in around 20 cities including Bangalore, India. In our country, Quintiles has five offices in the below locations:

- Ahmedabad


- Mumbai

- New Delhi

Quintiles India has the pride of holding some of the best relationships with the leading medical centers as well as with some of the experienced principal investigators.

The key services of Quintiles in India are Project Management, Clinical Trial Monitoring, Site Management, Drug Safety, Regulatory Affairs,Quality Assurance and Pharmacovigilance.

PPD: It is one among the leading clinical research organizations which was founded in the year 1985. This company has its offices in as many as 50 countries with a total number of 84 offices. In India, the company is functioning in the following three locations:

- Gurgaon

- Bangalore

- Mumbai

The clients and partners of PPD include pharma companies, medical device manufacturers, Biotech companies, academic institutions and government organizations.

And, the services that are oferred by PPD are clinical development services,laboratory services, – Consulting Services and making innovation

Paraxel: A premier provider of clinical trial services to the biopharma companies as well as the medical equipment businesses for the development of novel medical therapies across the globe for more than 30 years. Paraxel is operating in India, in the following locations:

- Delhi


- Bangalore

- Gurgaon

- Mumbai

- Chandigarh

Paraxel is offering the following services:

- Early phase services

- Phase II-III services

- Peri-approval services

- Post-approval services

- Clinical logistics services

- Consulting services

Famous Domestic Players:

Siro Clinpharm: Founded in the year 1996 by Dr. Gautam Daftary. The company started operating in Mumbai.This company also has its offices in USA and Malaysia. Various services that are being offered by this Indian CRO are:

- Clinical operations

- Clinical data management

- Medical writing

- Scientific writing

-Biostatistics as well as Statistical programming

- Clinical trial supplies

The therapeutic expertise of Siro Clinpharm includes:

- Oncology

- Cardiovascular Disease

- Central Nervous System

- Endocrinology

- Respiratory Diseases

- Infectious Diseases

GVK Bio: This is one among the Asia‘s leading discovery research and development organizations. This company has its global customer base of over 300 satisfied customers. The headquarter is located in Hyderabad. In India, the company is operating in the following locations:

- Hyderabad

- Bangalore

- Mumbai

- Gurgaon

- Ahmedabad

The services that are being offered by this CRO are:

- Discovery services

- Clinical development services

- Formulation R&D

- Manufacturing services

- Information & Analytics

- Integrated programs

Clininvent: Clinivent is the company which was established as the Contract Research Organization that is having great capabilities in the areas of clinical trial and data management. The company is located in Mumbai. The partners of this company are:

- TCG Lifesciences

- LabVantage

- Chembiotek

Various services that are being offered by this Clininvent are as follows:

- Clinical trial management

- Data management

- Pharmacovigilance

- Medical writing

- Quality assurance

- GCP training

CliniRX: CliniRX Tangent Research has been developed as an affiliate of the JK Organization which is a 125-year old entity. The JK Organization has its headquarters in India. Various services that are being offered by CliniRX are as follows:

- Site selection

- Project management

- Monitoring

- Site support

- Medical writing

- Safety surveillance

- Clinical compliance

- Biometrics

The research offices of CliniRX are located in:

- Bulgaria

- Netherlands

- United States

- Israel

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