How Google Helps With Clinical Trial Studies And Awareness

Google handles over millions of searches in a year. These stats don’t include even 1/3rd of the total searches worldwide as Google’s global market share is about 70%. We all know that the search engine queries offer many options into people’s thoughts and questions. In this article we shall discuss how Google helps with Clinical Trial Studies and awareness

Using an aggregate search query data, we can better understand the powerful clinical trial participants. And understanding is essential to improve the clinical trial education and awareness. A number of software or search tools nowadays give you access to search data, but Google’s tools are the most popular. Google’s Keyword Planner is freely available, but it can take little time for you to become proficient with it.

An Experiment With Google Autocomplete

Autocomplete is a real-time suggestion Google offers as you type a query. These suggestions are based on various factors like previous queries from other people. The prior queries inform autocomplete, it can offer you a collective choice around different topics.

If you really want to analyze search engine data, there are better, more sophisticated ways. But this is a quick and easy method for getting some good insights into the general public’s thoughts and questions about clinical trials.

Take a look at the searches or questions below; and see Google’s autocomplete suggestions for them. Here how it appears.

Do Clinical Trials

Do Clinical Trials
Do Clinical Trials work

Do Clinical Trials cost money

Do Clinical Trials drug test

Do Clinical Trials pay you

How Clinical Trials

How Clinical Trials

How much do Clinical Trials pay

How long do Clinical Trials take

How do Clinical Trials work

How to find paid Clinical Trials

How Do Clinical Trials

How Do Clinical Trials

How Do Clinical Trials work

How Do I sign up for Clinical Trials

How Do you get paid for Clinical Trials

How Do cancer Clinical Trials work

When Clinical Trials

When Clinical Trials

When to use a placebo in Clinical Trials

When are placebos used in Clinical Trials

When Clinical Trials go wrong

When Clinical Trials went wrong

The above mentioned are only a few examples; there are many.

Quick Ideas for Clinical Trial Education

Seeing with Google’s autocomplete suggestions, I think you can learn the following. People’s conceptions and questions about clinical trials could be addressed with two main types of education options: basic and protocol specific. Autosuggest provides idea into educational themes that need to be or are being addressed within the search categories.

Basic themes found in autosuggest practice are the following:

  • What is a clinical trial?
  • Do clinical trials work?
  • Why do clinical trials exist?
  • What are the clinical trial phases?
  • What are placebos?

Protocol-specific themes in autosuggest include:

  • What are the risks and benefits?
  • What is the cost and compensation?
  • How do I find a trial?
  • What is involved in participation?
  • Will I get a placebo?

When you talk to patients, you quickly know when and how to present them with information.

Also remember that answers to some of these questions you will not find online. That’s because the answers are not provided. For instance, most clinical trial websites do not share specifics about what’s involved in patient participation. How many patients become less interested owing to lack of information and never inquire about a study.

In recent years clinical researchers have turned understand patients, but social data is not the only online data to be relied. Search data offers only a unique view into people’s thoughts and questions.

Regardless of the type, online data can be a fast and a cheap form of market research. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to know and understand the patients better.

We conclude the discussion here. Hope you liked it and let us know what else could be the benefits of Autocomplete in the field of clinical research trials.

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