Guidelines to Enhance Pharmacovigilance (PV) Market Pharmacovigilance

It is the study of long and short terms effects of medicines on individuals. Though pharmacological science existed in the medicine sector since a long time, it has now taken a new trend. Today, this science gained popularity among young generations and students are looking forward to make a career in Pharmacovigilance.

PG Diploma in Pharmacovigilance is an important part of the healthcare sector and is necessary to improve the accuracy of a medicine. Assessing the risks by the drug reactions and monitoring the fatal same to the consumers is the main purpose of the pharmacovigilance industry. The rising awareness about the importance of this process is leading to a sudden increase in the global Pharmacovigilance (PV) market. Pharmacovigilance is a steady process and depends on its continuity to produce progressively more reliable results.

Job Responsibilities

It is essential that before you begin a course in Pharmacovigilance, to have a basic understanding of the job responsibilities. While working in the sector of Pharmacovigilance the job responsibilities to be fulfilled include:

You should know the basic knowledge of different kinds of steps that are involved in drug production. It is a multi step process it happens only after completion of a series of steps. This is why it is necessary to have the requisite knowledge of all the steps.

Hazards Due to Drug Consumption: Consumers must not have the knowledge about the hazards, it becomes the responsibility of a medical professional to evaluate the problems that might arise after consuming a particular drug.
• Protect the Patients: The medical professionals find out the possible effects and also needs to figure out a solution to protect patients against them.
• Conducting Research & Surveys: The healthcare sector is constantly evolving, hence given rise to the development of clinical research sector as well.

Careers in Pharmacovigilance (PV)

When you complete a course in Pharmacovigilance, you might find many different roles and job titles.

Some of the main areas include medical writing, quality assurance and medical affairs; but these positions require increased responsibility and much experience.

As a candidate, there are many job opportunities abroad in drug safety. These positions are found in large companies.

When you complete a course in Pharmacovigilance the yearly income can vary a lot, but earnings usually falls in ranges between of £25,000 – £60,000 per annum. This also depends greatly on factors like experience, the regulatory body, location and role and responsibility.

Types of jobs in the pharmaceutical industry

Drug safety officers are responsible for keeping a track and observing reactions and effects during drug trials and studies. A report on the clinical study is submitted to regulatory authorities, and once the report has been submitted drug safety managers should review and organise the reports to supervise the profile of specific medication products.

Drug safety physicians attain as well as evaluate information about the safety of the new products. They also need to carry out medical case reviews and assess the product safety during clinical trials.

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