Creating Effective Relationships with CROs

Creating Effective Relationships with CROs With much development in the field of clinical research, in recent years , pharmaceutical companies have applied more focus on core competencies and relied on clinical research organizations (CROs) to support their analytical and manufacturing requirements.

In today’s economic environment, many pharma companies are using the services provided by CROs. Outsourcing analytical services can lessen overheads by circumventing the need to invest in expensive technology and equipment, thus producing cost savings for the company. The CRO can offer expertise using updated technology supported by an extensive knowledge of the current rules and regulations. Outsourcing can also save time, which is often critical because delay in production processes or batch releases, or even gaining approvals from regulatory bodies can severely destroy a company’s prospects.


Drug development is an entrepreneurial venture, fostered by a passion for scientific discovery of new medications to help patients. The focus is to commit the right resources to reach the end goal of providing life-saving novel drugs to patients in quick time and with effective cost.

A successful partnership with a CRO starts with a shared goal and passion for delivering good treatment. A CRO partner with a track record of being steady, low-employee turnover and long-standing relationships with customers can establish a solid base for a new business relationship.

The biopharma market faces a lot of challenges where pace and quality are key elements in successfully getting a product from lab to market. The ability for pharma and biotechs to progress a compound more rapidly and safely through each phase of research without sacrificing safety as well as quality is essential to maximizing revenues.

One way you can help to reduce costly delays and maximize speed while maintaining quality is to build an effective relationship with CROs conducting clinical research. The key word here is effective. The idea is of not talking about simply having a preferred provider in place or the like, rather a true relationship where a sponsor is at ease doing more than just rewarding a study and have confidence in the CRO they will partner with.

You could think of it this way, Clinical research units conduct clinical trials. What we’re saying is that conducting clinical trials is their specialty. It’s what they does, every day for 365 days in a year. Why wouldn’t you trust the expertise of such a resource to aid you by reviewing a protocol, assist with an adaptive design for a study or discuss the operational conduct of your specific trial?

By combining several protocols into a single umbrella protocol, sponsors can assess multiple endpoints and gain multiple objectives at once, which translate into both time and cost savings. Working effectively with a CRO helps companies to efficiently manage their drug development pipeline by looking at study designs and operational possibilities which in turn can help sponsors to determine where time and money can be used most successfully.

The most significant aspect in creating an effective relationship with a CRO is to develop open and persistent lines of communication. Being able to properly communicate is the essence of a true cooperation and it is invaluable because it can reduce costly delays from protocol concerns, recruitment problems, clinical conduct and other important milestones. By keeping a line of communication current and open, faith and rapport are built with the CRO. A dedication to rapid responsiveness by a CRO can build a sense of being part of a sponsor’s organization which can lead to better study conduct and hopefully reduce costly delays.

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