Clinical Research for Health Checkups

Clinical Research for Health Checkups

Fit and Fine

The issue to be dealt is about the medicines which are reactive or which have side effects. If you fall sick or get some hurt or swelling you go to the doctor for check up and get some medicines if it is cured then no problem if not then it may lead or side effects. So this is all about such reactive medicines and either preventing disease or curing it at its first sight of symptom by Health Checkups.

“Respectable period for guest and medicine is only three days”

There is no possibility of everything being prevented but you can reduce the risk factor. Heart disease, for example, is the leading monster to end ones precious life in general. And the reason is inactivity, high blood cholesterol, obesity etc. But many people don’t realize the risks until they have a heart attack. We often ignore warning signs, and we don’t always get regular check-ups (sometimes because we can’t afford them). It is believed that within the next 10 years or so, wellness programs will be considered an integral part of most organizations for Health Checkups. They’ll even offer incentives for employees who participate and meet their goals and penalize those who don’t.

Health in your hands


There is a prediction about how we take care of your health. Well there are various apps and gadgets for checkups say your blood pressure, Heart beat and technologies like scales that measure weight and body fat and send them via WiFi to a Web site, or an armband that measures blood pressure and plugs into an I-Phone, will be more common. So we will be sending such reports to reputed doctors who will be online receiving it any time at your service. Even there is a further advancement in future technology for health that silicon chips will be attached to your mirror in bathroom and when you blow into it your saliva droplets will let them know about your gene and whether you are in good health or not? It is an awesome Health Checkup scheme

Clinical-Research-for-Health-Checkups02silicon chip

Check your warranty

Well there are some diseases which are hereditary there might be a possibility or risk factor for you to get up with such disorders so if you want o have a checkup which will cost money and time the it will be hectic for you to deal with then so for this reason writing, getting your individual genetic code mapped costs around $100 to map your genes and place them on a CD. And it will be a part and parcel of your life. Your doctor will take a saliva or blood sample and almost instantaneously have a sort of owner’s manual for your body. Known as genomic medicine, this practice would allow doctors to both treat illnesses based on your genes and work to prevent you from getting sick in the first place.

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