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How You Could Bill Telemedicine Via Health Insurance

With the advancements of Technology and the ongoing trend of Telemedicine; a common question Doctors have is how to bill Telemedicine via Health Insurance. A big question if their insurance company is willing to reimburse the service or not.

Through this article, we share four steps to help simplify the process to bill telemedicine via health insurance. This will encourage more of the patients to adopt telemedieince calls with and skip over office visits.

1) Know the Telemedicine policies and billing codes

There are the CPT codes according to American Telemedicine Association that determines if Telemedicine is covered:

Code 98969 on-line internet assessment and management – non-doctors,
Code 99444 on-line internet assessment and management – doctors
Code 99091 collection and interpretation of physiologic data
Code 99090 analysis of clinical data stored in computers, without requiring an in-person office visit or other evaluation and management

Of course, the reimbursement value for telemedicine services is at the wariness of each insurance company. Gathering reimbursement values from each of the partnered insurance providers will help you know what your patients can claim and be paid for.

Take half a day and call each of your insurance partners to ask the following questions:

  • Does the policy cover telemedicine services?
  • What is the definition of telemedicine services?
  • Which specific billing codes must be used?
  • What if any restrictions are there around the service?
  • Does the service needs any special documentation from the doctor for coverage?
  • What is the typical reimbursement time?
  • When and what are the typical reasons telemedicine services coverage are denied?

2) Verify with patient’s info before booking an appointment

Preparation can lower patient confusion and misunderstandings. Many Telemedicine services, like liveClinic, can bill the patient directly at a rate your choice, and then a reimbursement can be sent by the insurance provider.

A good advice is to give telemedicine services only to patients of record to first determine if they can get the cost covered under their insurers.

3) File a Claim and Follow Up

On integration of telemedicine into your clinic, there will be challenges. Virtual visits need technology and human understanding. If a patient wants to visit with you via a remote Telemedicine service, they will need a guidance and support on the next steps.

Make a reminder note to intimate the patient when their claim has been filed, and when the payment has been sent to them.

Think of companies like amazon.com and how often they offer virtual follow ups letting you know the status of your order. Doing something similar for patients is key to smooth flow and the growth of telemedicine within your clinic.

4) Keep a record of the patient’s insurance coverage for future purpose

To have clear records of reimbursement history within the EHR system will help patients to have a well planned experience in future. Doctors offices who ask for the same information each time lead to bottlenecks in their reception area, and when providing remote Telemedicine services, this practice is just not time efficient.

Telemedicine is about the matter of convenience on both sides, and this needs having patient data available on file.

Keeping specific records about what Telemedicine services the patient used earlier and what amount is reimbursed will help with future visits.

We conclude the discussion here. Stay connected with us this space for more discussions.

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