Things Mechanical Engineers Should Know

In today’s blog topic we would discuss the concepts that would make you a versatile and successful Mechanical engineer. Though many principles were formalized in the late 18th century, yet the field did not come into its own as a discipline until 1847 with the foundation of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

A very old practice it is and involves the designing of mechanical systems, like power and energy systems, weapon systems, aircraft and aerospace products, pumps, engines, compressors and physically operating machinery of all types. Mechanical engineers are college going professionals with a thorough knowledge of physics, math, and engineering principles.

Let’s discuss in details.


Physics comprise the study of natural laws of the universe, and knowing of physics is significant for a mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineers have to understand and apply the principles of physics in virtually all aspects of their work. E.g. how much force is needed to overcome gravity? or what are the properties of coherent light such as lasers?


Mechanical engineers need to be comfortable with maths. To mention, mathematics is the universal language of physical science and engineering. All subfields of mechanical engineering involve the use of maths, and many require a thorough knowledge of advanced maths which includes trigonometry and calculus. Its tricky and fun to be able to understand and solve differential equations and the versatility to use maths in statistics is significant for mechanical engineers.

Engineering Principles

Working as a mechanical engineer involves the application of basic engineering principles. Every mechanical expert needs to be familiar with basic mechanical principles, a way of determining the strength of materials, statics and dynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, material fatigue, properties of lubricating oils, shaft couplings and vibration and control theory.


Mechanical engineers also need to be familiar with stats. As most of the projects are designed and a model is created first before beginning to construct a prototype, and the use of stats is involved in every step of this process. Statistics is very important in determining the strength of materials or calculating the reliability or expected working life of a mechanical device.

We conclude here.

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