List of Mechanical Engineering Software

Today’s blog post is mainly to enlist a few and very important software tools that are unsed by mechanical engineers.


A user-friendly interface that includes many tools to design complex parts in 2D and 3D. The files could be exported to CAM software to meet analysis.


This is a CAD analysis software that suites a multiple tests which displays the results in blue, green,and red. The software measures the stress value at several parts.

Pro/ Creo Parametric

This has enhanced features and tools to draw, sketch, assemble, weld, draw etc.

SolidWorks 3D CAD

This user-friendly interface mainly helps in making parts in 2D and 3D.


It is a CAD and finite element analysis software for developing complex geometries and finding optimised results.


ATIA comprises of various fluid, electrical, structural and mechanical design and simulation software packages.

Solid Edge

It is a simulation and 3D software with powerful tools and simulation features.


This is linked with ANSYS systems for computational fluid dynamics. It is requireed to mesh and set different parameters of fluid flow.


TRNSYS has many attribute; for studying transient systems like the conceptual study,finding and analysis of projects on solar energy.


This is a CAE software suite with essential toolkits for designing and rendering complex mechanical parts of vehicles,airplanes, and more.

Autodesk Inventor

This offers a user-friendly interface along with the tools for design, simulation and documentation of components.

Autodesk 3ds Max

This is basically a 3D modeling software with extra features for animation. The software is mainly useful for making animations of mechanical parts.


This is a group of CAD, CAM and Numerical Control (NC) machine processing software for lathes, milling, shaping etc.

CAD Avenue

A software system to pipe, heat, refrigerate, ventilate and air conditioning.


This is a mechanism, CAM and motion design software. It is not just limited to one mechanism. It can be used to design complete machines, giving the exact motions to each mechanism and cam. Its capabilities include:
– Inverse Kinematics – It design the motion for the packaging or tool, get the CAM or servo motor motion anywhere else
– Motion Design – This builts in powerful motion design tool
– Cams – Develops flat, groove, conjugate, plate, barrel, cylindrical, globoidal cams
– Import SolidWorks parts or STL files for realistic modelling
– They are meant to reverse engineer cams
– Graph all kinematic,cam pressure angle, radius of curvature, contact force.


An integrated CAD and CAM software. After designing the model it offers an analysis option to check the feasibility of the product.


This is primarily an advanced mathematics software, but has features designed mainly for engineering.

Hope you liked this discussion.

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