Essential software to learn in Mechanical Engineering

The software tools are used by an engineer to get things done easy and fast. In this blog topic, we mentioned below the important and essential software tools which should be learned during your bachelor course in mechanical engineering.

AutoCAD ( A fundamental CAD software for designing and draftinging purpose)

2. Pro/Engineer Complete parametric 3D CAD/CAM/CAE software)

3. C Language (Programming language)

4. ANSYS (A software for analysis or simulation.


It is drafting software which requires drawing 2D objects as well as 3D modelling.


In the process of being a Mechanical engineer, one has to submit final year project which involves experimental or fabrication work or theoretical analysis. To take any project, one must use at least one software or more.

Pro Engineer 

It is a complete package of drawing, modelling and analysis. Its design package has 2D drawing, 3D models and an assembly. It also functions like 2D CAD, 3D CAD, Data exchange like IGES and other formats, Dynamics publishing, engineering calculations, Visualization and mock up etc.

C Programming Language 

If you are mechanical student, then you must know the great importance of C language as when you need to learn computational subjects, and the calculations for a number of numerical methods. There are many programming languages but C is one of best. If you use MATLAB, it will need more memory but fewer skills, FORTRAN is also competitive to C but if you know the C language, you don’t need to learn the rest and even it is required, you could learn easily as all programming languages are very similar.


Finite Element Method or FEA is one of the numerical methods in science that deals with approx numerical solutions of problems like structural, thermal, fluid or fluid structure interface. Generally for problems with thermal and fluid, software packages like FLUENT and GAMBIT is popular. To mention, the latest ANSYS versions include FLUENT. 

Hence, without the software, it is impossible to work or do research in the areas of Mechanical Engineering. So, be attentive in your classes during the bachelors and learn the various software tools as you need them at regular basis.

Hope you liked this discussion.

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