CATIA training in Pune

CATIA is the short form of Computer Assisted Three-dimensional Entertaining Program. This software is highly useful to the engineers, designers and all the folks who style machineries, components, etc. It consists of all the three parts: CAD, CAM and CAE.

It is very beneficial for the engineering/ degree students. This course is also very useful for the professionals who want to update their skills. There are many CATIA training institutions in Pune, but we train in a better way. We see to it that the theory and practical classes go on the other hand and effectively. In this manner, every concept gets simple and is explained with adequate details in our course.

Topics covered in our CATIA course:

  1. Guide to CATIA CAD/CAM/CAE Product cycle, Parametric Technology, Guide to CATIA Atmosphere & Selection bar and Use of Mouse.

  2. Sketcher Work bench Developing 2D Geometry, Focusing on Profile Plugin Dimensioning the Images, Changing and Building using Operation & Modification Plugin. You will also learn about Implementing Restrictions & Restriction Definition, Animating constraint & Checking Various Systems.

  3. Aspect Design Understanding Aspect Design Atmosphere, Developing Strong Designs using Sketch-Based Functions, Dealing with Dress-Up Functions, Perspective Plugin, Developing & Operating efficiently on Reference Components Aircraft and lines & points.

  4. Changing Upgrading Functions, Modification Functions e.g. Patterning, Spinning, Innovative Modelling Techniques e.g. Boolean Functions, Annotations, Giving Materials & Calculating Properties.

  5. Area Design(Part 1) Developing Wireframe elements e.g. helix, splines, Shapes, etc. Developing Areas like combined, lofted surfaces, etc. Functions on Shape Geometry e.g. Joining, breaking & cutting.

  6. Area Design (Part 2) Innovative Task in which Area Functions like Healing, Getting, etc. Handling with Shapes, Extrapolating surfaces, Splitting whole body with surface, Strengthening the outer lining models and Stitching Area with Strong whole body.

  7. Set up Design Developing Bottom-up Devices, Placing Components, Using Smart Move tool, Implementing Restrictions, Developing Top-down Devices, Dealing with Subassemblies, Changing Devices, Simplifying Set up, Disturbance Recognition, Sectioning & booming assembly.

  8. Creating Work bench Producing Drawing Perspective with 1st position or 3rd position, Using Expert, Producing Estimated, Reliable, Section, Detailed opinions, etc Using Control button, Changing Views, Producing Dimensions, Placing Sheets, Adding Datum, Geometrical Specifications & signs and Producing BOM table.

CATIA enables enhancing 3D areas, from 3D images, sheetmetal, compounds, shaped, made or pedaling areas up to this is of technical devices. The software provides advanced technological innovation for technical appearance & BIW. It provides tools to complete product meaning, such as efficient specifications as well as kinematics meaning. It provides a wide variety of applications for pedaling design, for both general tooling and mold & die. CRB Tech provides Catia training in Pune.

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