Career Guidance Tips On How To Get A Job In CAE Or CAD

As a graduate, you must have several queries regarding job search and scope in CAE or CAD. You must be wondering, how to land a dream job without any experience? Here we share some expert opinion on the same.

1) Understand the job you want to do

Before you find a job a, you have to do some research and understand the scope.

If you are an engineer and with some interest in business, sales, and marketing, then you should go in a company developing FEA Software and begin as a technical support. If you are interested more in designing or pure engineering, then you should opt for a company which uses CAD or FEA to design their products.

2) Ask right questions to right people

You should be careful because you have also to ask the right questions and to the right people.

If you ask several people, you will start to notice a pattern, then choose what the best is for you and that’s it!

3) Apply to your dream job

After you have done with enough research and you know your want, you just have to apply for the company.

The best approach which is to visit a website and apply for a job offer which has very few chances of success.

The reason is that the application goes to the HR department of the companies who receive thousands of requests every day. Your application might go unnoticed because the person screening the CV was too busy and just looked at the first 2 phrases of your CV and then trashed it.

Even on passing the first screening test, you will get into a long and toil recruiting process in which you would get selected based on skills that HR department think you might have or might not.

What next? If you are capable for a job and if you want it, then you have to prove that you are the person this company needs and then contact the right person in the company who would listen and hire you.

So, you should analyze the real needs of the company. Analyze what would be your mission in the company and how you would fit into it. Analyze the company in details (so that when asked about it, in an interview, you can answer well.

4) Never wait longer for an answer during interview

Avoid the tendency if you have to think and coming back to a question, later. Remember that you are not the only candidate and they don’t tend to wait for your answer. To overcome this tendency, you must proactive.

You should be confident and prompt about the questions while facing an interview. With this, we conclude.

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