CAD/CAM Siemens software

          CAD/CAM Siemens software

New resources like the 2D idea growth remedy create it simpler and quicker to create styles, while improvements to NX Recognize Shape™ application, a fully incorporated sub-division models atmosphere, give developers more flexibility to generate unique forms. A new optionally available touch-enabled user interface provides expanded accessibility the full style abilities of NX. And stronger incorporation to item lifecycle management (PLM) application, through Siemens’Active Workspace environment, reduces how long spent searching for item details. NX 10 also includes several improvements throughout the incorporated computer-aided style, manufacturing and technological innovation (CAD/CAM/CAE) remedy.

“NX 10 continues to improve on the robust functionality and user-friendly features that clients need to manage the ever-increasing complexness of item styles,” said Jim Rusk, senior vice chairman, Product Engineering Software, Siemens PLM Software. “The new and improved abilities create the early idea phase – which is one of the most important stages of the style – simpler and quicker. The new touch-enabled user interface and stronger incorporation with Effective Workplace gives NX 10 unmatched flexibility, providing anytime, anywhere accessibility item details. This improved accessibility allows our clients create wiser choices that result in better items.”


Increasing item complexness creates 3D modelling the preferred method of item style throughout the world. However, in some sectors such as equipment and complicated electronics it is simpler and quicker to create initial style layouts in 2D. The new 2D idea growth remedy allows developers to explore concepts in 2D making it up to three times quicker to create new styles. Once the style is completed it can quickly be moved to 3D to complete the model.

Enhancements to the NX Recognize Form remedy give developers even more control over geometry acting to generate items with highly stylized forms or complicated surfaces. NX Recognize Form is based on sub-division acting, a statistical approach to creating 3D geometry with smooth flowing forms, developed by the entertainment industry. The tool is easily incorporated with NX which allows reduce service time by eliminating the several steps associated with using separate resources for freeform style and technological innovation growth.

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