CAD Vs CAM : Tools For Computer Aided Engineering

CAD-CAM is the important tool in design and manufacturing. Before the advent of computers and mainly the PC in eighties, draftsmen did important role in designing in companies. But computers changed the scenario for all. They are more affordable and versatile and allowed engineers to do drafting on their own. Today hand drafting for making designs has become obsolete and the days of compasses and protractors are mostly over. CAD and CAM are hold important significance as terms in the field of design and manufacturing and refers to Computer Aided Design and Manufacture respectively.


CAD means the use of computers for designing. It is also known as CADD, an acronym that stands for computer aided designing and drafting. In CAD, a wide range of computer based tools are used to assist architects, engineers and other design professionals in their activities.

It originated as computer aided drafting tool as it was a replacement of traditional drafting board. But today it is called designing to show the fact that quite a more can be done with the help of computers besides drafting. CAD is usually used when simple drafting is not able to work fine like in the design of ships, automobiles, airplanes, and other industrial designs.


CAM is the use of computer based tools that helps engineers, tool and die makers and CNC machinists in the making and creating of prototypes of product components. While CAD has many functions that do not involve CAM, the same cannot be said about CAM, and generally CAM is greatly dependent upon CAD.

Difference between CAD and CAM

CAD and CAM are both parts of an important process that is together termed as computer aided engineering (CAE). CAD and CAM have similar advantages and they provide items in 2D or 3D. Both CAD and CAM aide in quick process and manufacturing of any design that is created by a scientist. Most CAM machines have inbuilt CAD software.

The major difference between CAD and CAM lies in the ultimate user. When CAD software is mostly utilised by an engineer, CAM is applied by a machinist. These machinists are highly trained, skilled and are equivalent to a computer engineer.


• CAD means Computer Aided Design, while CAM refers to Computer Aided Manufacture.

• CAD and CAM have revolutionized the way things were designed and manufactured.

• CAD and CAM are heavily interdependent on each other.

We conclude the discussion here and hope that this blog piece has enlightened you on the efficiency of CAD/CAM Software for CNC machining.

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