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CAD Jobs: What Are the Different Options?

A variety of CAD jobs has led to the rising demand for CAD professionals. But then, the question arises; what are the different types of CAD based jobs out there in the market? Are you aware?

It is better to know if you wish to establish a career in this domain.

  • Different types of CAD-based jobs:

- CAD Technician:

CAD technician roles are a part of different disciplines comprising of Mechanical, Civil, Aeronautics etc. An Aeronautical technician is responsible to come up with plans that can be utilized in products such as aircrafts. On the other hand, an Electrical technician would design layout diagrams to be utilized for communication centers and power plants while an Architectural technician would come up with plans for structures. Civil CAD technicians would come up with maps that would be implemented to assist in a wide range of construction projects and utility placement, e.g. water lines and electrical. Process or Pipeline technicians concentrate around the layouts of refineries, gas fields and chemical specific undertakings.

- CAD Drafter:

A CAD drafter is a person who specializes in preparing technical plans and drawings. These plans are normally put to use as a part of Engineering projects to create and develop a finished design. The plans created by a drafter can be utilized to construct anything from the tiniest microchip to something as extensive as a building! Drafters hold great importance in light of the fact that they come up with the visual guidelines that will be utilized by a wide cluster of experts comprising of surveyors, scientists and architects.

Apart from these two, there are other broader categories as well, such as Design Engineer jobs, CAD Designer jobs etc. You can explore them as well. The above described however are the prominent ones.

  • Working in the CAD domain:

CAD technicians and drafters of different types have fundamentally similar working environments. Majority will be functional out of their own office spaces and have the vast majority of their work hours spent before a PC. Generally, CAD jobs happen to be full time or 40+ hours each week as CAD jobs are very rarely part time.

  • Salary prospects:

Contingent upon an assortment of variables including location and the living cost, an individual working in the CAD field can earn as high as 31,96000 on an early basis. A few of the specialties could earn even more relying upon the existence of professionals with the expected aptitudes to carry out the jobs.

One thing is for sure that the need for CAD professionals is rising with each passing day and it is expected to rise in the near future.

Even you can be a part of the CAD force by choosing the right one amongst the various CAD CAM training courses. Pune based aspirants can look for CAD courses in Pune.

CRBtech is one such name that is proceeding fast towards becoming one of the best CAD CAM institutes.

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Practical Applications of Modern Gears Across Various Domains

In this blog related to the Mechanical Engineering domain, we are going to tell you about the various practical applications of modern gears.

The major sectors that put to use modern gears happen to be food processing, sugar, earth moving, to mention a few.

Due to such substantial and far reaching demand of gears in case of modern industries, there is nothing unexpected that the worldwide market expenditure on them is reaching a remarkable Rs.12,500 crore mark.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the industry specific applications of modern gears.

  • Marine industry:

There is a rising demand as far as gears are concerned, in the marine business, which by and large are utilized in luxury ships, warships, commercial ships etc. The gears utilized as a part of this industry are typically termed to be marine gears. Such gears not just facilitate major power transmission, but also high speed.

  • Earth Moving industry:

The heart of the infrastructure and construction sectors lies in the Earth Moving industry , thanks to the essential equipment and machinery offered by it for different critical activities carried out in these sectors. Gears such as helical, spur and planetary happen to be an integral part of the vehicles and machinery utilized as a part of the earth moving industry.

  • Defense industry:

But of course, defense happens to be a sensitive and important industry as it is directly linked with the wellbeing and security of a country. Gears are basically utilized as a part of this industry in different sorts of weapons and additionally in different components necessary for the correct operation of this industry. Making use of bevel and various sorts of reduction gears is a common occurrence in this industry.

  • Power Generation industry:

Power generation or the power industry happens to be the soul of rest of the sectors and industries. As we are aware, without power, nothing is possible. That’s why this industry is extremely crucial. Gears assume an essential part in making most of the power generation equipment functional. This is one industry that sees a wide range use of planetary, bevel and internal gears.

  • Petrochemical industry:

As the name suggests, the petrochemical industry is involved in the production of different sorts of useful chemicals. Be that as it may, these precious chemicals can’t be produced without the help of specific machines and equipment. What’s more, such machinery that helps in the production of chemicals isn’t complete without quite a few industrial gears such as helical, ground, spur, and precision gears as well.

From this, we can see the wide range of applications of modern gears.

CRBtech is considered to be amongst the best cad cam institute offering CAD CAM courses in Pune, along with CAD CAM certification.

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An Insight Into Industrial Applications of PID Controller

PID Control can have its issues with noise, however, in a number of applications, it turns out to be tailor-made. Which are these industrial applications of PID Controller? Get to know in this article.

Noise forms a noteworthy hindrance for Derivative and PID Control since production data is regularly packed with process commotion and different sources of fluctuation. Frantic changes inside a loop’s Controller Output (CO) and superfluous destruction of the related Final Control Element (FCE) are a result of the PID Control implementation under such surroundings.

Still, there are a wide range of industrial applications for which PID Control proves to be a value addition. Go through the below PID Control friendly applications:

  • Batch Temperature Control:

Batch temperature control is fundamentally operated as a closed framework. On the other hand, bubbling and other process commotion will unquestionably be apparent in the data, noise all in all is less of a problem in a closed framework. Another element of batch temperature control identifies with temperature itself. While heating can be used to either keep up or raise the temperature, numerous batch temperature control processes do exclude a cooling loop using which to tackle the impacts of heat. In other words: Heat can be included, however it can’t be subtracted. The net impact are dynamics which are both nonlinear and slow, and commotion inside the data is constrained. Characteristics like these make up for a tailor-made application of PID control.

  • Temperature Control for Furnaces:

Furnaces usually comprise heating and holding substantial amounts of raw material at a high temperature. It’s but obvious for the material in question to have an extensive mass. Subsequently, it has a high level of inertia – the temperature of the material doesn’t alter immediately even after high heat is provided. This characteristic brings about a moderately steady PV signal, and it enables the Derivative term to viably rectify for Error without extreme changes to either the CO or the FCE.

  • Neutralization pH Control:

pH is broadly seen in industry as hard to control. For one: pH is profoundly non-linear – its conduct changes starting with one operating range then onto the next. For another: The buffering impacts of some material can restrain what might be volatile dynamics until the point when the buffer is saturated. While the pH dynamics are tedious from a control point of view, they are appropriate for the PID form of the controller. In particular, the dynamics of pH have a tendency to be slow as the measure of caustic or acid that is regularly included to a process is generally small when contrasted with the volume of existing fluid. The slower dynamics enable Derivative to enhance control without overworking of the FCE.

To conclude, one can say that with the processes that are slower, less noisy, Derivatives tend to contribute effectively to the correction of error.

For undergoing CAD CAM course in Pune or Mechanical Design courses in Pune, look for the best CAD CAM institute such as CRBtech.

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Experts Take On Best Career Options for Mechanical Engineer Graduates

What do experts have to say with respect to the best career options for Mechanical Engineer graduates? Well, in order to know, continue reading this blog as we explore this topic.

First things first, we will get to know what this branch is all about.

  • What do we understand by the term Mechanical Engineering?

A mechanical designer will chip away at finding solutions on issues specific to energy, motions and force via engineering principles.

For the most part, when a mechanical engineer is at works, he/she focuses on the various processes and tools of engineering by utilizing a blend of financial, material and human resources. They might work on gas and steam turbines, combustion engines and such different machines that produce power. Apart from the air-conditioning equipment, refrigeration etc. likewise are different sectors of work for mechanical engineers.

  • Desired skill set:

For access to some of the best career options for Mechanical Engineer graduates, they need to hone certain skills. The better you are with these, more the chances of getting opportunities and success.

- Mathematics skills

- Designing

- Engineering and Technology

- Mechanical skills

- Production and Processing specific skills

Some courses that will come in handy to get that dream job:


- Piping Software

- Anysys

- HyperMesh etc…

  • Where to begin your career?

As reputed organizations go about recruiting large number of freshers each year, your odds of making your presence felt in a decent organization might be slim. It isn’t on account of you not having what it takes, but instead, you have to comprehend the demand and supply equation.

Then again, if Mechanical engineers are lacking the desired skills and knowledge, at that point it would be difficult to make a dent in the organization you will begin off your career with.

Hence, while everybody is occupied with pursuing jobs, your focus should be on developing yourselves and attempting to get the advanced education if conceivable. This is what experts in this field recommend.

Following this would help to open the best career options for Mechanical engineer graduates.

  • Opting for that right company!

Mechanical engineers ought not go for a large organization which offers good products and services. At least in beginning. Rather, they got to go for a small and medium organization where they can work more, share innovative ideas, handle additional responsibilities and grow both in their professional and personal life.

Below are some expert recommended verticals where they can settle on keeping in mind the end goal to ensure that their future is bright:

- Material Science

- Fluid Dynamics

- Robotics

- Mechanical engineers can also opt for designing as a major aspect of their craftsmanship and turn into a master in what they do.

  • Top recruiters for Mechanical engineers:

Here are some top names that offer jobs for mechanical engineers:

- Thermax

- Kirloskar

- BOSCH India

- Bhabha Atomic Research Center


Just to name a few.

That was straight from the expert’s bag, for all the aspiring Mechanical engineers out there!

CRB Tech has earned a name as one of the best CAD CAM institute offering CAD-CAM courses in Pune, that includes CAD CAM certification preparation as well.

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