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Tips And Tricks For For CAD Job Seekers

This guide aims to give you final tips covering the skills CAD employers are looking for, what it takes to get noticed and how you can advance your CAD career.

What Skills Are CAD Employers Looking For?

Some of the below mentioned skills are applicable to jobs outside the CAD industry, which we’re labelled as ‘General Skills‘. Other skills are more specific to CAD jobs. 

General Skills

  • Communication Skills.
  • Team Working.
  • Problem Solving Skills.
  • Enthusiasm.

CAD-Specific Skills 

Proficiency with CAD. You must be familiar with popular CAD programs like SolidWorks, AutoCAD or Revit.

Adaptability. CAD is constantly changing, so you must stay updated with the latest developments in the CAD industry

Experience. You must possess the required experience for a CAD job.

A portfolio. A representation of your experience, a chance to put together your best projects and highlight your expertise in CAD.

These skills are only a few to mention. The important tip that you have to constantly be expanding your CAD skill and must be practicing them.

So How Woud One Get Noticed?

So how to get noticed in the CAD market? Obviously, you must have a very good resume that’s catered to your chosen industry sector.

Social Media

In this age of social media to be a prevalent factor in successful employment—whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn,. LinkedIn is possibly the strongest social media platform to use if you take the required time to create a detailed profile, you might get noticed by a potential recruiter or employer.

Develop Your Own Website

It’s easy to create your own website or blog, even if you’re not much tech-savvy, only use services like WordPress.


Networking is the way in which you can add and use your connections to people to aid your attempts in finding a job.

Continue Learning

Learning is a constant and an ongoing process. Only since you are an expert in AutoCAD or SolidWorks, for example, doesn’t mean that you should stop learning.

Gain Experience

As we’ve highlighted in the Skills section, experience is a necessity for CAD jobs.If you haven’t had a job previously, you can count formal internships as a form of experience, a lot of degrees offer them nowadays.

Job Hunting

Once you’ve earned those skills and qualifications you need to work in a certain industry sector, you’ll be looking to find a job. You can start your job hunt by making use of job databases like Monster, using keywords, you can find exact jobs.

If you still haven’t found your luck, you might want to bee looking into doing some freelance work while you’re waiting. This will give you extra experience to add to your resume, and it will help you build up your confidence with working with clients. 

Putting Together Your CAD Resume

Once you have a list of potential jobs you want to apply for, you must start working on your resume. It’s important to take your time as it could be your only chance to make a big impact. 

Writing Tips

  • Do not make it more than 2 pages long. 
  • Stick to the standard fonts like Times New Roman, size 10-12. 
  • Be consistent with your styling.
  • Use reverse chronological order
  • Include duration of employment, position and any accomplishments. 
  • Statistics stand out, so include them. 

There are plenty of online resources that you can use to help perfect your resume, like resume writing tips from Monster or the only resume advice you’ll ever need from Forbes.

How To Advance A CAD Career

If you’ve already got yourself a good CAD job, you might be looking for ways to advance your career. As you don’t want to be stuck in the same job position for the entire life! Hence we put together the following points:

1. Create a Career Timeline

A career timeline includes listing where you want to be in five or ten year’s time. You could make it as detailed as you want.

2. Update Your Education

One of the best ways to be held in consideration for a promotion is to update your skill set. The most common way to do this is through advanced education.

3. Brush Up On Your Skills

Don’t just stick to what you know; change can be a good thing, especially in relation to jobs. It’s worthwhile trying something new—whether it’s a new workstation or a different design process.

4. Talk To Your Senior Manager

If you’ve already taken the above steps and you’re still looking to advance in your career, the next logical step would be to discuss with your manager. The best time to broach career advancement is typically during a performance review.

If you’ve reached the end of our guide and even not sure where to start the search for your new CAD job, don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of the best job databases that you should be searching.

Job Sites

Freelance Job Sites


You shouldn’t just rely on the mentioned job sites only; there are plenty of websites and blogs out there which are perfect for general career advice and tips. LinkedIn’s blog, for instance, posts regular articles about the job market and tips from career professionals. There are also resources like The Wall Street Journal which provides career advice and salary trends.


Finding the perfect CAD job can be a lengthy and difficult process, whether you’re experienced or not. You have to search through all of the job databases to find relevant jobs, and then you have to research and write your resume before sending it off; not to mention the fact that it can take a while for interviews to be organized.

If you’re really committed to getting a CAD job, it’s essential that you take your own time to go through the steps we’ve discussed. Only apply for relevant jobs, and remember that research is the key to ensure that your resume is tailored to target the particular company you’re applying to.

So now we conclude the discussion now.Keep looking for this space for the second part.

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