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How Do CAD Affect The Real Estate Industry

In general there’s no relationship between a residential home and CAD. They barely seem related, but there is a relationship, and it’s deeper than we can imagine. In fact, CAD affects the real estate industry in myriad ways. What should you know?

Architectural Design

In the past, architects did their designing in a hard way, manually. Using a drafting desk and task-specific tools, these professionals created designs for buildings ranging from skyscrapers to businesses to residential homes. Today, the process is so different, owing to CAD. Architects can create innovative new features, test functionality and much more thanks to the power of the technology.

Architectural 3D Modeling

Sometimes, 2D images just are not enough. This is when 3D modeling with CAD is needed. 3D models could be created for virtually any type of real estate, from strip malls to homes to institutional buildings, recreational places and more. By creating a 3D model, architects are able to dig deeper into how the construction will interact with the environment, make required changes and much more.

3D Walkthroughs

Suppose you have decided to have your dream home designed and built. You do your research and choose a reputable architect, and explain your dream.

With a 3D walkthrough, you’re able to exactly view how the interior of the building will look with a variety of finishes, furnishings, layouts and more. Edits are generally simple to make, and you see exactly what the finished home will look like with nothing lost in translation. It’s an incredible tool for accuracy and make sure far better satisfaction with the finished design. This applies to any interior – it’s not limited to residential homes, and can be applied to everything from office buildings to observatories and schools.

As you can see, CAD has a huge impact on the real estate industry, and it’s only going to get stronger as new technology permits CAD designers to do new things in different ways. Whether you’re an architect or a real estate agent, learning more about CAD and its effect is important.

So now we conclude the discussion now.Keep looking for this space for the second part.

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