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Top 3D CAD Models To Try Your Skills (Part 1)

Developing CAD models is a perfect way to find out the inside and outside of any part. No matter whether you’re a CAD beginner or an expert, there are always times when you need a little inspiration.

We’ve put together a list of the top 20 3D CAD models you need to try out in SolidWorks and AutoCAD. In part 1, we list the first 10! Stay connected for part 2.

1. Roller Bearing

We shall start with SolidWorks model of a roller bearing. Though a pretty simple model, it might actually take you longer than you can expect! Also you need to find out how you can use the motion analysis tool to animate the roller bearing. 

Software: SolidWorks

2. Toy Car

If you’re thinking to start using SolidWorks for the first time, and you’re unsure what kind of model to choose, then this is the one you should go for. This SolidWorks model of a toy car is nice and primary—perfect for starters, and for anyone intending to brush up on a few skills.

Software: SolidWorks

3. Soccer Ball

If you don’t like SolidWorks, why not try out this AutoCAD model of a soccer ball instead? It isn’t as easy as it looks! Do pay very close attention to the commands used, or you could end up lost!

Software: AutoCAD

4. Corkscrew Bottle Opener

If you’re a fan of precision and detailings, then this model might be for you! This model will take you through the steps to create a conical, tapered helix which is quite complicated than it appears.

Software: SolidWorks

5. Swiss Army Knife

If you’re looking something to really test your SolidWorks skills, you must try out this Swiss army knife. It’s complex due to having to assemble of so many parts, but it’s definitely a great way to know how well you know SolidWorks. 

Software: SolidWorks

6. Car Jack

This SolidWorks car jack model is easy to assemble and it gives an opportunity to use the move component feature to see how the car jack functions.

Software: SolidWorks

7. Hydraulic Pump

This model is perfect for anyone who loves intricacy in their CAD models. Though it might be time-consuming, it’s well worth the effort; using the motion feature will help you to see exactly how the pump functions.

Software: SolidWorks

8. DC Motor

They’re found in everything from toys to tools. Like the previous model, it’s intricate during the assembly process, but certainly has it’s worth!

Software: SolidWorks

9. Harley Davidson Motorcycle Engine

They are classic, with several devotees worldwide. For Harley fans, the only thing very exciting is riding one! 

Software: SolidWorks

10. MQ 1 Predator UAV

A very advanced model so ensure you know your way round the software before trying it out! If you’re looking for a CAD model that will test your skill, then this is the one to try! 

Software: SolidWorks

So now we conclude the discussion now.Keep looking for this space for the second part.

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