HTC will Move to the Next Nexus Phone

HTC will Move to the Next Nexus Phone

If you’ve been being careful to Android working program os speculation for the first 30 times or so, you know that at this point it’s a fait accompli that HTC will create two Android working program os Nexus cell cellular phones this year. It started (as it usually does) with some Chinese suppliers websites, was further confirmed (as it usually is) by Evan Blass, last but not least these days Android working program os Police (which has been on fire with accurate Android working program os dripping for a while now) has thought about in with some codenames and recommended speculation.

Here’s what’s most solid: Blass says that two Nexus cell cellular phones, “internally known as M1 and S1,” will be made by HTC this year. We also have Android working program os Police announcing to know, from sources, their Google codenames: Marlin and Sailfish (Pointing out, of course, that those conditions just gradually begin with M and S). And last but not least, the ever-popular bogus talk about of a process powerful in some easily available Android working program os Start Source Project concept.

To be apparent, calling all of the above a “rumor mill” is a little bit unfair — these are sources with a good record of getting it right. Instead, the insane thing about Android working program os speculation is that as modern new information came to light, the reaction from everybody was usually a mixed. Last week, Android working program os Main had released about the HTC Nexus like it was usually a done deal. Before that, the HTC Nexus cell cellular phones were released about like everybody just noticed they were coming and the only question was whether or not the company had somehow managed gain a three-year deal to make Nexus devices

Why all this confidence? Difficult to say — except that little components of evidence seem to add up gradually. And, most significantly, there’s a conventional contract that after years of getting affordable cell cellular phones that not very many people buy, it’s HTC’s turn to try its side at a Nexus.

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