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How Can You Make Your Career in Android?

How Can You Make Your Career in Android?

The Android operating system system is the quickest growing cellular growth system in the world. With Android operating system mobile phones being generated by all of the major phone producers, and the addition of new product devices, system will only keep growing. This course will educate database integration for the Android operating system Development using the Java Development Language and the Surpass Development Environment. This course will include basic database integration such as use of the Android operating system cellular camera, geolocation tools, and playing video and audio clips.


Expertise in Java programming is needed.

No encounter in Android operating system growth is needed.

Experience creating visual user connections in JavaSE will be helpful but is not necessary.

Course Outline:

Note: The curricula below consist of activities typically protected in a category at this capability. The trainer may, at his/her attention, modify the session plan to meet the needs of the course.

Day 1

  • Creating and Running Java Apps with Eclipse

  • Data Types, Variables and Operators

  • Control Statements

  • Methods

  • Arrays

  • Object Oriented Java

  • Inheritance and Interfaces

  • Inner Classes

Day 2

  • Introduction to Android

  • Development Tools

  • Creating Your First Application: Hello World

  • Debugging and Profiling Android Applications

  • The Application Life Cycle

  • Working with Application Resources

Day 3

  • User Interface: Fields, Buttons and Labels

  • User Interface: Selection Widgets

  • User Interface: Lists

  • User Interface: Containers

  • User Interface: Progress Bars, Time Pickers and Clocks

  • Creating Menus and Messages

Day 4

  • Filters and Intents

  • Working with the Internet

  • Working with Web Services

  • Working with XML

  • Audio and Video

  • Animation

  • The Built-in SQL Database

Day 5

  • Working with the Built-in Camera

  • Geolocation Services

  • Working with Google Maps

  • Working with the Browser


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