100% Job Guarantee at CRB Tech


CRB Tech is one of the best training institutes in Pune to provide 100 % guaranteed placement in various kinds of fields Java, .Net, CAD CAM, Clinical Research and DBA. We help you to provide with our extensive training and excellent practical lab facilities. provide you 100 % published assurance on the programs which we are providing. Right after the completing the course, we take the only liability of providing you the best possible chance in the IT market.

Most significantly, we carry unique deals and possibilities for learners who display quality in their course. Best of learners of the group are given with placement possibilities at our growth center by the name CRB Tech. Centered on your features, we provide you with the right choice in our organization. But there is no need for any fear if you do not get placement through our organization. We provide you the chance to implement as well as sit for interview at different companies until you get placed as per your information and skills in the right appropriate organization.

LOI(Letter of Intent):-

A Letter of Intent (LOI) is a document describing the normal programs of an agreement between two or more party before a legal agreement is completed. An LOI is not a legal agreement and cannot be lawfully enforced; however, it represents a serious dedication from one engaged party to another. Here we provide a conditional LOI of client company within 15 working days since your enrollment into the course.

Placements- 100% Job guarantee:

  • With respect to your skills and domain knowledge you would be offered deserving jobs.

  • We have very good employers in the client companies right from MNCs to mid range companies.

How does CRB Tech provide 100% guarantee?

  1. Best provision for campus drives: There are various MNCs and local based companies and provide relevant campus drives according to the eligible candidates.

  2. Allies with companies: Company with many MNCs and mid stage companies would help you with a lot of options to choose one as your wish organization or get placed in any business according to credentials criteria.

  3. Training in Foreign Language: In a bird’s eye view German language training will be helpful for you as there might be a probability to work in German.

  4. Improve your business presentation capabilities through sessions and workshops: During the training we provide you opportunities to develop your business presentation capabilities by making you to carry out sessions and workshops for their specific industry.

  5. Curriculum created by extremely certified mentors

    Our syllabus in enhanced and created by extremely certified sector specific mentors; who are also commercial professionals and they have advanced level of experience about the need in the market and the applicants knowledge

  6. Innovative infrastructure

    We offer facilities which is very much apt and appropriate for the applicants for their specific sector training like computer laboratories and real-time workplace.

  7. Life-time assistance in case of experience placements

    We keep provide interview calls to the experienced applicants, on forever assistance basis. This means even if they are placed, they would keep get appropriate job opportunities from CRB Tech.

As mentioned above these are the following courses provided in CRB TECH:-

  1. Java

  2. DBA

  3. CAD CAM

  4. Testing

  5. SEO

  6. Clinical Research

  7. Hardware & Networking

Course Highlights:

Concentrate on technological knowledge:

We offer technological coaching for the specific domain that you have selected and such coaching is very much affliated towards placements and job provision.

95% realistic focused training:

Theoretical focused coaching will not help for positioning and tasks and therefore we offer 95% realistic sector based coaching and it would be a review of the job you are going to work in the long run.

1.Java Training:-


  1. Core Java

  2. HTML, JS, CSS

  3. Servlets

  4. JSP

  5. Struts

  6. Hibernate

  7. Springs

  8. Android

Course duration: 4 months.

2.DBA Training:-


  1. Oracle Architecture/ Installation of Oracle 11g on Linux

  2. Managing an Oracle Database

  3. Table spaces and Data files/User Management

  4. Managing Exports and Imports/ Oracle Data pump

  5. Managing UNDO segments

  6. Control File, Redo Log File & Archive Log Files

  7. Backup and Recovery/ Database Availability

  8. Creating Cloning of Database/ Performance tuning

Course duration: 4 months.

3.Dot Net Training:-


  1. Framework(C#)

  2. Windows

  3. WPF

  4. ASP.Net

  5. WCF

  6. MVC

Course duration: 4 months

4.Software Testing Training:-


  1. Software Engineering
  2. Manual Testing
  3. UNIX Basic
  4. Automation Testing
  5. QTP(Quick Test Professional)
  6. Quality Center
  7. Selenium/Bugzilla

Course duration: 4 months

5.CAE Training:-

1.Auto CAD:-

  • Mechanical Engineering drawing GD & T

  • Surface finish/Tolerance/ Fits

  • Visualization practices/ Datum features

  • Introduction of Auto CAD Layers

  • Text & Multi ladder/ Dimension

  • Hatchin/Block & Attributes

  • Assembly Drawing

2.CATIA v5 & Creo 2.0:-

  • starting with Creo2.0

  • sketcher workbench

  • part modeling

  • Assembly Modeling

  • Wireframe & Surface Modeling

  • Sheet Metal Modeling

  • Drafting & Detailing Workbench


Sketches:-Creating/Editing/Constraints Datum ,CSYS and Datum Planes/ Changing units in NX


  • Extrude/Revolve/Primitives/Sweep/Blend,
  • Feature Operations and smart tools,
  • Assembly Constraints/ Creating component arrays,
  • Assembly Modeling,
  • Drawing/drafting views/Adding dimensions,
  • Surface Modelling commands


  • Finite Element Analysis

  • Hypermesh/Geometry Clean-up

  • Shell Meshing/ 3D Solid Meshing

  • 1D Meshing and Connectors

  • Morphing/Analysis Setup and Loading

  • Exporting and Solving


  • sketcher

  • part modeling

  • assembly

  • surfaces

  • sheetmetal

  • drafting

6.Clinical Research Training:-

  1. Drug Discovery

  2. Essential Documents

  3. PV & ADR Reporting System

  4. CDM

  5. Intro to Oracle Clinical & Web Based Approach


  7. Audits & Inspections

  8. Schedule Y with upgrades & case studies

  9. Pre-clinical research

  10. coding systems

  11. HIPPA

  12. MedDRA

  13. eCRF

  14. ICD 9 & 10

  15. D.D. S & Manuscript writing

7.SEO Training:-


  • Keyword Research.
  • How Google Workshops.
  • Search Engine Factors.
  • On-Page Optimization.
  • Off-page Optimization.
  • Meta Tags, images.
  • Content Link Building.


  • What is Social Media Marketing?
  • Overview Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.
  • Increasing Traffic Using.


  • Adwords Certification.
  • How to create PPC Campaign.
  • Implementing your PPC Budget.
  • Managing, Measuring & Optimizing Campaign.

4.Web Analytics:-

  • What is Web Analytics.
  • Web Analytics Jargons.
  • Web Analytics Implementation & Configuration.
  • Measuring Website Traffic.
  • Goal & Event Tracking.

8.Hardware & Networking Training:-

1.Introduction All internal devices:-

  • Mother Board, MB Types, Expansion Slots, Processor, Memory, Hard Disk, CD-R,RW, DVD-RW. SMPS.
  • Introduction of Expansion Card,Assembling of Personal Computer.

2.Installation of O/S and Application Software.

3.Complete introduction & Troubleshooting:-

  • Monitor, LCD, Keyboard, Mouse, UPS.

4.Introduction to Networking Components:-

  • Network Components.
  • Types of Network,Troubleshooting of Network.

5.Diagnostic Tools of Internet & Networking:-

  • Downloading the Drivers from Internet.
  • Installation Of Drivers.

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